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Phone: (256)354-2122 | 91 Memorial Drive PO BOX 306 | Ashland, AL 36251 | Email: AshlandPD@outlook.com

Command Staff

Sergeant Micheal Harris

Micheal has lived all over east central Alabama, but was able to finally settle in, in the Delta area, and attended Lineville High School, where he graduated in 2010. He attended Sothern Union out of high school and worked for CVS. He moved back to Clay County, and established roots in Ashland, where he currently resides.

Micheal began his career in law enforcement when he joined Lineville Police Department's reserve force and became a dispatcher for them, in 2014. In March of 2015, Micheal was hired by the Ashland Police Department and sent to the Academy. Like his Chief, he injured his foot during the academy and was forced to go back in the fall of 2015. Micheal graduated from Northeast Alabama Law Enforcement Academy in December of 2015. In May of 2018 Micheal was promoted to shift sergeant, where he currently serves as one of two sergeants, that also fill the role of field training officer. 

Sergeant Tony Hubbard

Tony grew up in the Ashland/Highpine area, and attended Ashland Elementary School, Clay County High School, and finally Mellow Valley High School, where he graduated in 2002. Tony began his career in law enforcement as a reserve deputy for the Clay County Sheriff's. In 2005, Tony was hired by then Ashland Police Chief Derrick Forbes, as a dispatcher, and was preparing to go to an academy to become a police officer. Before that could happen, Tony left the Ashland Police Department and joined the Clay County Sheriff's department and worked in the jail, and eventually became a deputy. He graduated from Jefferson County Sheriff's Academy in August of 2007. Tony worked for Sheriff's Jean Dot Alexander and Ray Latham before leaving the Clay County Sheriff's Department to become an Ashland Police Officer under former Chief Benny Davis. On June 4, 2012 he joined the Ashland Police Department, and on June 1, 2014 he became a shift sergeant. 

Since his promotion he has taken a leadership role within the department and has sought out training to become a better leader of the department. He is currently over our reserve program and has seen it grow from a two man unit, to nine fully active members. 

Communications Sergeant/ Records Manager
Linda Parkhill

Linda, originally from Randolph County, has worked a myriad of jobs before joining the Ashland Police Department in 2007. She has worked at KFC, Russell Corporation, Flat Rock Park, and Mapco. During this time she attended Southern Union, and took night classes to help further her in her endeavors. She joined the Ashland Police Department in 2007, as a dispatcher, worked in that capacity for several years before becoming the Records Manager. She also has served as Terminal Agency Controller since 2012, and was recently promoted to Communications Sergeant in 2018. 

Her job responsibilities include supervising the dispatchers, record keeping for the entire department, sending reports to the state and other agencies, and helping cover dispatch when ever it is needed. Linda has always been a supporter of the community events, and programs of the Ashland Police Department and has served as the Yellow Dot coordinator for the Ashland Police Department.

She was once one of the Ashland Police Department Reserves, and now her husband Joe Williams serves as a reserve for the department. Together they have three sons (Jeremy, Jordan, and Joseph, and one daughter (Breanna). Linda loves the City of Ashland, and the Ashland Police Department, and spends countless hours making sure that the department is one the people can be proud of.

Assistant Chief/Investigator
Corey Dickinson

Corey, originally from Weogulka, AL graduated from Central High School of Coosa County in 2001, and enlisted in the Air Force. He was assigned to the A10 Warthog plane as a crew chief and served until . He then returned home and began working for the Coosa County Sheriff's Department as a dispatcher/corrections officer, before being hired by Goodwater Police Department, as a patrol officer. Corey went to Northeast Alabama Law Enforcement academy and graduated in 2007. In 2009, Corey joined the Clay County Sheriff's Department and worked for both Sheriff Jean Dot Alexander, and Sheriff Ray Latham before leaving the department to join the Ashland Police Department in 2011. 

Corey was hired as a temporary patrol officer in September of 2011, and was made a full time permanent employee on January 1, 2012. In June of 2014 Corey was promoted to Shift Sergeant and served in this capacity until February of 2018. In February of 2018 Corey was promoted to Assistant Chief and Investigator, and has served in that capacity since. He has been an exemplary employee and has received several certifications in training other officers that has allowed him to have an impact on the officers working with him. His most recent certification is that of the department's Firearms Instructor Certification.