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Community Projects

The Ashland Police Department is committed to being a part of the community, and not apart from the community. Below you will find several programs that highlight our outreach in our community and the surrounding area.
Citizen's Police Academy


 The first Citizen's Police Academy for the Ashland Police Department is in the works, and hopes to begin January of 2019. Persons attending this academy will receive some training on the ins and outs of a police department and how things operate. We will also host a firearms safety training, along with some other in depth training that will be beneficial for the citizens attending the academy.

Someone Cares


Someone Cares program is a way for the elderly and shut in citizens of Ashland to know that the Ashland Police Department does care about their well being. All a person has to do is sign him/herself up, or have a loved one to fill out the form. Once you are on the list, a dispatcher will call your contact number and check to make sure you are ok. If no answer, an officer will be dispatched to your address to do a welfare check. Click the link above to get more information

Explorer's Post


Along with the Citizen's Police Academy, the Ashland Police Department is starting a new program within the department to increase our footprint within the community. An Explorer's Post takes those individuals, aged 15-20, that might be interested in a law enforcement career, and give them training and on the job experience before ever having to jump into the career. This process will help to identify future officers, as well as providing officers with the opportunity to work with kids from the community.

Anonymous Tips

This is the area where someone wanting to help with a case can submit an anonymous tip by coming to this part of the site and leaving just the information they would like to share, and the tip or information. Every time a person does this, this information will remain anonymous, unless approved by the sender to come forward.

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