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Ashland Police Department Reserves

The Ashland Police Department has a volunteer force of individuals that provide support to our officers on duty. The reserve force also provides support at city functions that require full man power. Over the last 18 month the force has grown from 2-3 inactive members to fully staffed at 9 members that work on a volunteer status, at the will of the Chief of Police and Mayor.

Our reserve force does meet monthly for training, and the reserve officers are required to meet the same standard as officers when it comes to firearms qualifications.

Sgt. Tony Hubbard and Ofcr. Chase Jordan currently oversee the Reserve Program for the city of Ashland, and provide the reserves the opportunity to learn about the program, and how to operate as a police officer. If you are interested in joining the program, please reach out to Sgt. Hubbard or Ofcr. Jordan for more information.

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