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Clay County Mental Health Liaison


Sarah Robertson

In 2022, the Ashland Police Department along with leaders from the Clay County Children's Policy council and others from around the county, realized that our citizens needed access to services and health care that in most cases people were unaware that it was available. We also looked at different factors like calls for service and arrest records and realized that people who needed help, were often left to deal with their problems or faced new problems. A solution was needed.

That solution was found in the position that was created to tear down walls and build bridges between the community and the providers that had services available. That position that was created was the Mental Health Liaison, and in December 2022, Sarah Robertson was hired for the position. She has since made great in roads, creating those bridges over the gaps in services and citizens, and provided support to not only the Ashland Police Department, but also worked with the Clay County Sheriff's Department, and the Lineville Police Department in the endeavor of reducing recidivism, and people who are in crisis not ending up in jail.

Her work continues as she also provides services to individuals who are suffering with substance use and traumatic brain injuries. She works to implement officer wellness programs and is a certified Peer Support for Alabama Law Enforcement Peer Support. She graduated from Central High School of Clay County in 2017, and completed her Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice with Troy University in 2021. She is currently studying for her Master of Science Degree in Social Work with Troy University, with an anticipated graduation in July of  2025.

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