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The Ashland Police Department

The Ashland Police Department is comprised of five patrol officers: Scott Parish, Isiah Williamson, Kris Eatman, Ethan Clark, and Dylan Waldrep; four dispatchers: Christy Yates, Leighann Mask, Kerry Hamlin and Communications Sergeant/Records Manager Linda Parkhill; Investigator Shanon House, Mental Health Liaison Sarah Roberson and Chief Joseph Stanford.

Communications Sergeant Linda Parkhill
Kerry Hamlin

Kerry began working for Ashland Police Department in 2017 after working for Clay County Sheriff's Office and Coosa County Sheriff's Office. She has a passion for helping others by showing empathy and compassion while coordinating officers and other resources during emergency situations. She is proud to be a member of Ashland Police Department and serves as one of our dayshift dispatchers. She is proud to serve the community of Ashland because she knows she is helping people in the community. 

When Kerry is not dispatching, she enjoys spending time with her family, fishing, and reading. 


Leighann Mask


Christy Yates

Christy was born in Talladega and raised in Lincoln, Alabama. She moved to Clay County 7 years ago and began her career at Ashland Police Department at the end of 2022. Before working at APD, she worked at Lineville Health and Rehab for over 2 years. She currently serves Ashland Police Department as one of our nightshift dispatchers. 

She is married with 5 children, 2 grandchildren, and 5 fur babies. She enjoys serving and being a part of our community here in Ashland. 

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