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Phone: (256)354-2122 | 91 Memorial Drive PO BOX 306 | Ashland, AL 36251 | Email: AshlandPD@outlook.com

Meet the Department

The Ashland Police Department Employees


The Ashland Police Department is comprised of four patrol officers;  Hunter Griffin, and Chase Jordan,  K-9 handler Adam Otwell and K-9 Officer Boyd, two patrol sergeants;  Micheal Harris and Tony Hubbard , four dispatchers; Kerry Hamlin, Kay Harris, Stephanie Smith and Robyn Waters, Communications Sergeant/Records Manager Linda Parkhill, Asst. Chief Corey Dickinson, and Chief Joseph Stanford.

Click here to meet the command staff of the Ashland Police Department.

Patrol Officers
Hunter Griffin

Hunter began his career at the Ashland Police Department in 2017, where he was hired in February of that year. He attended Northeast Alabama Law Enforcement Academy the following May, and like his Chief, was injured within the first 10 days. Hunter got a second chance to complete the academy in August of 2017, and graduated from the academy in November of 2017.

Hunter has lived in numerous different places, and  worked all kinds of different jobs. He resides here in Clay County, and wants pursue raising his family here because of his core values that he believes in.

He is currently one of our nightshift officers and is progressing his career, and wants to continue learning the job. Hunter wants to become the best officer he can be, and has already learned a lot about narcotics work, and other specialization skills.

Chase Jordan

Chase was born and raised in Lineville around the Barfield area. He attended Lineville High School and graduated from there in 2007. In 2013, Chase joined the Lineville Police Department's Reserve program, and in January of 2014, he was hired by Lineville, and sent to the academy to become a police officer. Chase graduated from the Montgomery Police Academy in May of 2014, and began his career as a sworn law enforcement officer.

Chase worked for Lineville for two and a half years before taking a leave and changing career paths. But in 2017, Chase found that Ashland had an opening and in November of 2017, he joined the Ashland Police Department as a patrol officer.

Chase has shown exemplary performance on the street and has assisted Sgt. Tony Hubbard with getting the reserve program off of the ground and running. He is currently assigned to night shift patrol, and his upbeat spirit and "never say no" attitude makes him a great asset for the City of Ashland.

Adam Otwell

Adam grew up in Clay County, where he attended Clay County High School, and graduated from there in 2005. In August of 2005 he joined the United States Marine Corps as an Aviation Ordnanceman. In July of 2013, Adam left the Marine Corps with the rank of Sergeant, and came back to Clay County to begin raising his family.

Adam is married to Malorie Otwell and together they have 3 children, Lilly, Levi, and Kasen. 

Adam came to work for the Ashland Police Department in 2013, as a non-certified officer and attended Northeast Alabama Law Enforcement Academy (NEALEA) in Anniston. He graduated from NEALEA on April 10, 2014, and became a sworn officer for the City of Ashland. 

He has a myriad of certifications, but recently he completed K9 handler certification when he was given the great task of becoming the City of Ashland's first K9 officer in recent history. He is currently pursuing his Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration Degree, all while pursuing his career, and maintaining his family.


Kay Harris

Kay Harris came to the Ashland Police Department  in December of 2008 as a Dispatcher and has worked with the City of Ashland ever since. She is married to Gerald Harris and currently resides in Cragford. Gerald and she are raising their grandkids, Talon and Faith Basham.

Kay grew up in Mississippi and worked in several different jobs before moving to Clay County. She graduated from West Union (MS) High School, and worked for Walmart all along the States of Mississippi and Alabama.

She has been certified by the state of Alabama's Criminal Justice Information System to access the FBI's NCIC system, and utilizes that system to help the department and its officers by providing timely information when it is needed.

Kay also provides embroidery service to the department for all of the department's uniforms. She has been sewing and repairing uniforms for the department since taking a position with us. She is a valuable asset to the department and provides a constant positive atmosphere for all of the department employees.

Kerry Hamlin

Kerry's Bio

Stephanie Smith

Stephanie came to the Ashland Police Department in August of 2017 after serving as a manager for Cash Finance, a company that operated here in Ashland for many years. She came to work here because she wanted to be able to work close to home and be near family and friends.

She is married to Jason Smith, and together they pastor a church called True Grace Independent in Ashland. They also have two daughters, Mindi Claudiya Parsons, and Shyann Smith. Claudiya is married to Jeremy Parsons and has given Stephanie and Jason two grandchildren, Landyn and Aubree. 

Stephanie attended college at Auburn University. She competed her certification in NCIC in February of 2018 and has been a very good dispatcher since coming on board. We know that she will continue becoming a great asset for years to come, because of her drive and attitude.

Robyn Waters

Robyn was hired by former Police Chief Benny Davis into the Ashland Police Department's dispatcher corps. She was in school studying Computer Science at Central Alabama Community College, where she finished her degree. She continued pursuing her career as a dispatcher and worked several years on night shift until finally getting the opportunity to become a dayshift dispatcher in 2017 when the department added a Records Manager/Dispatch Supervisor position.

Robyn has progressed her career at the police department where she has garnered some new responsibilities over her career. She manages all pawn shop entries, and is considered the department's warrant clerk, where she maintains all warrants within the department to insure their accuracy, and status. She also handles all of the Agency's validations and insures the accuracy of all items and persons entered into NCIC.

K9 Officer Boyd an der Borg

Boyd was born July 23, 2015 in Ostbevern Germany, to breeders with the last name Borg. He was purchased by Global K9 out of Auburn as a service dog, and began training in the field. When it was determined he was too hyper for service, he was donated by Global K9 to the Ashland Police Department to being narcotics detection training, in April of 2017. 

In May of 2018 Boyd graduated from narcotics scent detection training from Central Alabama Police K9, in Jemison. He has been assigned to K9 handler Adam Otwell and has been working ever since graduation. He is one of the most well liked members of our department because of his loving demeanor.