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Another New Day

Welcome to the Ashland Police Department's new web site! We are happy to provide another way for our department to reach the community that we serve. This site will provide citizen's with information about the department, along with information about ongoing events within our city. Please peruse our website, and always check back here for Coffee with the Chief, where I, Chief Joseph Stanford, will provide a weekly blog about all things possible.

Today the blog is about our new day in law enforcement and in our community. Recently we completed the renovation project to the new Ashland Police Department. We occupied the building in early May, and held our Open House on July 8th, 2018. You will find several pictures here that depict the day that we had with family and friends as we opened the doors and allowed people to see the masterpiece that was created by department personnel, Lathan Associates Architecture Firm, and Hurst Construction. We are super proud of the product that we have received and want to extend thanks to all of those who were involved in the process, from beginning with a vision, and ending with the finished product. There are too many people to name, but each of you know how much we appreciated your help in the process.

As we move forward in this new building we welcome the challenges we face in this 21st Century of Policing, by preparing ourselves as law enforcement officers and dispatchers. We will begin a new era of offering training in our state of the art training facility, becoming a regional partner in training the law enforcement officers and dispatchers in new methods to further our career and profession. We will continue to be a beacon of light for the other law enforcement agencies to model themselves after. We will seek out training that we can bring back and provide to the other officers and dispatchers of our department and the other departments around us. We will continue to pursue justice in every way possible. And as the law enforcement agency for the City of Ashland, we will continue to provide world class service and protection to the City's citizens and visitors alike.

Please check back often to see new and exciting things on our website, and check this page as I will be offering advice on criminal matters, address current events, or just talking about life at the police department. As always we thank you for your support, and look forward to hearing from you about this, and our future endeavors.

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